You are currently viewing Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre of Excellence (AMTCE), Dundalk | C.J. Callan Construction Ltd : Fit Out or Refurbishment Up to €5m Finalist

Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre of Excellence (AMTCE), Dundalk | C.J. Callan Construction Ltd : Fit Out or Refurbishment Up to €5m Finalist

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Category: Fit Out or Refurbishment Up to €5m
Project: Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre of Excellence (AMTCE), Dundalk, Phase I
Contractor: C.J. Callan Construction Ltd
Client: LMETB
Engineer: Patrick McCaul Environmental Consulting Engineers Ltd, Hanley Pepper Consulting Engineers – Civil & Structural
Architect: Oppermann Associates

The AMTCE (Advanced Manufacturing and Training Centre of Excellence) was set up in 2021 in response to the growing need to address the diverse skills and training needs of the Irish Manufacturing Sector. The Centre features over 55,000 sq. ft. of training rooms, classrooms, workshops, labs and event space – and is filled with state-of-the-art equipment.

In January 2022, CJ Callan Construction Ltd was contracted to re-purpose the training centre’s location in the Xerox Technology Park in Dundalk and to deliver an Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre of Excellence. AMTCE courses provide learners with the essential skills and knowledge required to deliver impact and value to the companies wishing to utilise the latest technologies and practices in their operations. The fitout is a reflection of the innovative training programmes in the centre.

This project consisted of the first phase of a two-phase internal remodelling, refurbishment and high spec fit out of the former Pharmaceutical Research & Development Building, to deliver critical industry focused specialist training facilities in the Advanced Manufacturing and Technology space.

The project required the re-configuration of the selected Phase I internal space including the forming of new spaces and escape routes and passive fire protection in addition to associated mechanical, electrical and life safety systems. The centre remained live during the programme and facilitated industry/learner’s continuing training throughout the build.

Various MMC techniques were employed to bring this project to a successful close including, BIM, 3D Modelling, Circular Economy principles, and most crucially majorly cross stakeholder collaboration with our client, design team, subcontracting and supply chain partners.

The building works are also allowing the AMTCE team to enhance the Centre’s eco credentials with new and highly efficient heating, ventilation, and lighting systems and to upgrade the ICT infrastructure to the latest standards which provide fastest network speeds.

CJ Callan Construction Ltd are extremely proud to be part of such a prestigious project in the North-East of the country. The benefits from this project to this part of the country will be seen for generations.