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Aircastle, 20 Kildare Street | CRM Interior Fit-Outs : Fit Out or Refurbishment up to €10m

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Contractor: CRM Interior Fit-Outs
Project: Aircastle, 20 Kildare Street – Offices
Client: Aircastle
Design Team: Broadstone Architects; Profire Engineering Ltd

Aircastle, one of the world’s leading providers of aircraft leasing, have relocated from their Dawson Street offices to the newly-completed 20 Kildare Street. A dynamic and forward-thinking company, Aircastle sought a turn-key fit-out in this fantastic space in the center of the city. Their requirement was a design that would better align with Aircastle’s organisational culture and the needs of their employees while aligning with the company’s aesthetic and culture.

For the contractors, 20 Kildare Street was the perfect blank canvas to create the ideal office space that reflected the aviation industry and unified the building’s Georgian elegance with contemporary architecture. The ergonomics, acoustics, curved glass and joinery along with a bright yet calming colour scheme were key to achieving this.

The fit-out, led by CRM Interior Fit-Outs, consisted of CAT B design of the third and fourth floor of the new build. CRM’s expert in-house team developed a tailored plan to guide the client from design phase to completion. The design aim was to encourage collaborative and focused work while minimising distractions. The client’s focus on acoustics and privacy led to the inclusion of soundproofing solutions in all the offices and meeting rooms.

The space that was created gives the sense of a relaxed and pleasant place to work in; an office space that encourages employees to be creative and productive and a space that creates a contrast to the busy and intense daily routine. The design of the Aircastle office showcases a variety of sophisticated elements that have been integrated to create a unique and enjoyable atmosphere.

The fit-out of the building consisted of the following spaces within the building: open plan office space, receptions, collaborative areas, boardroom, meeting rooms, private offices, printer areas, kitchen, tea stations and comms rooms.
Priorities included spacious sit-stand desks, a large canteen, and multifunctional areas that can easily be transformed for internal meetings and events.

Overall, the design aimed to provide a comfortable and versatile space for employees to work and gather, incorporating a subtle nod to the aviation industry aesthetic, while complimenting the existing LEED Gold Standard of the base build.

The office also includes sit-stand desks, ergonomic chairs, recovery room and other features that promote employee health and well-being. There is an abundance of natural light and space, with greenery incorporated throughout the office to improve air quality and reduce stress levels. An acoustic specialist used texture and various acoustic panels to absorb, diffuse and mitigate noise thus improving employee well-being.

Sustainability in their work is important to CRM, so a comprehensive plan was implemented through design phases in order to reduce the number of staff and vehicles onsite at one time. They worked with as many sustainable and carbon neutral companies and products that were available during the design phase and the building process. This can be seen in the use of live plants for improved indoor air quality and to break up the spaces in the offices. The carpet tile products have Silver Cradle to Cradle accreditation. This is a global system of scoring brands for their commitment to the circular economy–the reduction of waste and hazardous chemicals, more efficient uses of resources and the reuse of materials, energy efficiency, and social responsibility. The choices made by CRM throughout this project illustrate their commitment to People Together Planet Forever principles.