We are Bond Specialists

The company specialises solely in bonding, we make the process of providing bonds easier for clients. As the leading authority in bonding in Ireland we can open up new markets for clients that they previously would not have had access to.

The experience and expertise within the company helps take the hard work out of obtaining bonds. As surety specialists, our expertise lies in bonds and guarantees only and we do not undertake any general insurance business. Our clients find this extremely comforting as we will only ever be completely focused on the bond requirements

As surety specialists we represent a large selection of sureties (insurance companies who provide bonds). We deal only with regulated and rated providers and the real benefit to the client is that we can provide access to them all, thus enabling us to fit our client and the needs of their principal with the right surety provider.

For clarity on the Surety that you require, contact our team of Bond Specialists.

Hassle Free Bonds

The experience and expertise within the company helps reduce much of the hassle when obtaining bonds, as we deal with all regulated providers of bonds and financial guarantees.

Given that not all providers will be interested in every enquiry, our knowledge allows us to target those companies and underwriters who we know will be interested in offering terms. This saves the client or broker valuable time and usually enables us to obtain terms quite speedily.

Bond Specialists

Colm McGrath is the Managing Director of Surety Bonds, and we are based in the thriving town of Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. Surety Bonds is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

We are a sister company of Brady Insurance, a general insurance brokerage established in 1959 (see www.bradyinsurance.ie for more information). 

Surety Bonds is also proud to work with a wide network of Insurance Brokers, who avail of our assistance for their clients bonding requirements. We have been able to objectively assist them while not interfering with the established broker-client relationship.

Award-Winning-Team;-Surety-Bonds-work-closely-with-clients-to-deliver-award-winning-results-and-strong- lasting-relationships-as-they-service-their-surety-and-bond-requirements

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Our process is seamless and requires very little effort from you. As our client you will benefit from both our expertise, and our established relationships with global surety markets.

Why Choose Surety Bonds?

Because customers benefit from our experience in the Global Bond Market.


Our experienced team of surety specialists simplify the process for our clients as they secure tailored and competitive terms on their behalf.


Firm relationships established with surety providers & specialist underwriters; ensuring we can get deals done securing favourable rates, terms & conditions without delays.


As Ireland’s leading authority on surety bonds we are a trusted intermediary recognised and relied upon by Brokers nationwide as they provide best terms and service to their clients.

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